The Lotus Agency specializes in debt collections. We offer the following services for companies involved in business to business or business to consumer. We will work with you to customize your needs.


Debt Collection Services

We are a full service debt collection company agency specializing in the recovery of delinquent accounts for commercial companies, manufactures, financial, retail, medical and smaller companies as well.


In Addition to traditional collection services we offer:
High collection percentage
Financial reporting with credit bureaus
Timely remittance of money to our customers
Professional handling of collections that will not offend your customers


Our professional collection team regularly work with companies to assist them in the collection of delinquent receivables, which offers our clients greater cash flow. We are also online with all major national credit reporting bureaus and have skip tracing specialist who regularly access national databases for daily updates on debtors.


We realize that even your best customers may make an occasional mistake and have forgotten to pay a bill. Our professional collectors will courteously handle the collection, and make a difficult situation less stressful for them. We realize these can usually be honest mistakes and will treat your customers with respect.

If you would like to place a claim for collections, please go to forms, and follow the simple instructions. If you would like to pay a debt, please go to Pay Your Bill.


If you have any further questions, please contact our Sales Dept. at (818) 994-9117



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